Best raw materials

Selected ingredients form the basis for all our products – we only use high-quality raw materials from regularly audited and approved suppliers. The raw materials used can be traced at any time. Through incoming goods inspections for every delivery, constant production and process controls and an outgoing goods inspection for every delivery, we guarantee safe products, every time.

Highest product safety

In addition to our continuous IT-supported internal control and testing procedures, more than 10,000 microbiological and chemical tests of raw goods and finished products are also carried out annually in external laboratories. Particularly in the case of our short-ripened, spreadable raw sausages such as onion sausage or tea sausage, a release test is carried out on all raw product and finished product batches. Our production is carried out according to HACCP principles and with a constantly updated HACCP system, which ensures the highest possible safety in all production areas. This product safety is supplemented by risk-oriented monitoring of the production premises and environmental hygiene, as well as by constant needs-oriented training of employees in all areas. 

Separate production

Windau stands for hearty enjoyment – with or without meat. Separate production areas for the meat-containing and vegan products keep the different products safely separated from each other. Hygiene zones and sluices separate the various production and packaging areas, which are divided into risk classes. We also avoid allergens as far as possible in our products and use the latest detection techniques to avoid foreign bodies. 

Certified quality

Our company is certified annually by independent bodies to the IFS, BRC and QS food standards. Special product requirements for organic, Beter Leven, ITW, RSPO* are checked annually by external inspection bodies. Regular product testing by independent experts confirms the quality of our products, which are also DLG award-winning.  Our production facility is also certified annually in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001 for environmental management and EN ISO 50001 for energy management.


*Our membership can be viewed here: https://rspo.org/members/8388


  Further information at: www.rspo.org